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Plan your Symi wedding! Exchange wedding vows in Symi overlooking the Aegean Sea!

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Symi Wedding Planner

Symi Wedding Planner
Symi Wedding Planner
Symi Wedding Planner

Symi has many small picturesque churches, some of which are on the beach. Symi, the exquisite island of the Dodecanese consists the ideal destination for an unforgettable wedding. Come to Symi and trust us not only with the wedding preparations but also with everything else that comes before and after it. Exchange wedding vows at Symi overlooking the Aegean Sea. We can create an event special to meet your exact needs.

Why get married in Symi

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Marrying on an island is quite the thing the last years. Our opinion is that it is a choice and special one. Wedding is a special event. And special events should be hosted in special and picturesque places. Greek islands are the most favorite wedding destination due to their natural scenery, their picturesque places, their romantic views, the traditional houses and roads and the classy atmosphere. The spectacular view, the beautiful places, the Aegean Sea’s breeze will warm your heart and soul and grant you a lifetime experience. Your dreams will be embodied.

And Symi, the exquisite island of the Dodecanese consists the ideal destination for an unforgettable wedding. The traditional finesse, the colorful nature, and the deep blue waters which unite with the clear blue sky, look like a painting and the creators of this particular painting will be you, along with your personal moments.

Symi has a long religious tradition. You can choose from a great variety of churches and monasteries to perform your wedding ceremony. Apart from the ceremonial part, these religious temples can also be the natural scenery of your photoshoot due to their location and the wonderful area that’s disposed.

Our top choices are: the historic church of Holy Mary of the Castle, the Annunciation of the Holy Mother, Saint John and of course the monastery of Panormitis, who is the guardian of the island and is also known all over the world for his miracles.

Symi Wedding Services

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Make your dreams come true. Marry in beautiful Symi. We are ready to organize for you a perfect wedding, just as you imagine it. We have the experience and the knowledge, to fulfill all your wishes.

We provide you all these services in order to keep you refreshed and enjoy your wedding day. We adjust our services to your personal needs and most importantly to your financial status by recommending alternative and advantageous solutions.
  • Paper arrangements for church wedding or civil wedding
  • Church booking
  • Town Hall booking
  • Accommodation for the couple and the guests
  • Transfer from the port or airport of Rhodes to Symi
  • Transfers by minibus (8 people)
  • Transfers by own traditional caique boat POSEIDON
  • Transfers by speed boats
  • Planning of the wedding feast at a restaurant
  • Live music with folk group
  • Planning of wedding party in an open place (church’s yard, beach etc.)
  • Wedding souvenirs
  • Wedding cake
  • Flowers and decoration for the church and all the areas you desire to be decorated
  • Bridal Hairstyle
  • Bridal Make-up
  • Bridal Manicure
  • Photoshoot, Video shoot, digital album

Life’s full of moments… Live your happiest and unforgettable moments. Moments where two souls become one , when they vow eternal love against the backdrop of the beautiful Island of Symi with witnesses the deep blue Aegean Sea and the spectacular sunset. Make the wedding of your dreams come true and give life to the fairytale of your love.

About Symi

Symi is one of the most beautiful Dodecanese island. It features varying landscapes. The mountainous terrain with high mountains leads to beautiful beaches, small coves and crystal clear waters.

The town of Symi distinguishes for its aristocratic appearance. The neoclassic mansions are built amphitheatrically around the harbor creating a picture that looks like a painting. It consists of two beautiful and charming settlements. Both settlements have been designated preserved. Yialos which is the island’s harbor and Ano Symi or Horio that unfolds at the top of the hill on which the Castle of the Knights stands.

Symi is an island of great beauties, stunning landscapes and villages worth seeing. Outside the town, Symi has 4 other settlements, Emporio, Marathounta, Pedi and Panormitis with the famous homonym Byzantine monastery. Each of these villages will charm you for different reasons.